Seattle Indies Slow Jam 2023
Developed in 2 weeks with a team of 6 for Seattle Indies' Slow Jam 2023, based on the theme "The More the Merrier", PAWMUNE is a Pikmin/Wonderful 101 inspired game where you control a cluster of tiny bits of cat fur that have come to life. On their own, each Pawmune has only a fraction of the power of a real cat, but with their power combined they can knock over a whole glass off the table! Explore the countertop to find more fur to add to your Pawmune and take on bigger Cat Goals. With enough Pawmunes, you'll even be able to turn into formidable bowling balls of fur and extend your reach with grappling paws!
Unity, 2.5D

Try the demo here:
Rawb - Artist / Game Designer / Writer / Marketing
Bry - Engineer / Game Designer / Writer
Pedro - Engineer
Alex - Engineer / Producer
Fluffy - Composer
Han - Artist

Pawmune Characters
Living Room
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