Hi! I'm Rawb (he/him), a gay character designer and art director based in Pittsburgh, USA with 12+ years of experience. I'm a passionate storyteller who likes to create cinematic experiences and loveable, diverse characters. In my years as a director I've fought for artist's equal wages and inclusive hiring practices.
I'm currently developing Tennis Academy! Past projects include Whalefall, Raspberry Coast, Calico, Off Grid Life, and my self-published comic Magical Hazel.
I'm inspired by beautiful Japanese animated epics with complex themes such as Revolutionary Girl Utena and Madoka Magica, but also simple and whimsical video game series like Kirby and Paper Mario!
In my free time, I'm caring for my cat son and consuming way too much caffeine.

Let's work together!
Thank you!
Art Director for Whitethorn Games
2019-2023 · Video Game
Art Director for Whitethorn Games
2019-2023 · Video Game
2D Artist for Peachy Keen Games
2020 · Video Game
Creator, Author, Artist, Marketer
2013-2018 · Comic
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