Raspberry Coast
Based on a coastal Newfoundland town, this fishing-life-sim creates a cozy and nostalgic experience with a cute paper style - the whole world is a pop-up book and the fish are stickers to add to your collection. Build your own ship and make new friends!
Role: Art Director
Art Team: Amanda Zimmer (2D Animation), Ashli Hudson (2D Animation), Brian Wilson (3D Environments), Miguel Montanez (2D Art and Animation)
Whitethorn Games
Fishing, Life Sim, Dating Sim

PC, Consoles, Mobile (Unreleased)

Steam Page
Art Direction, Concept Art, UI, & Animation
Fully-animated dialogue portrait concept
Fully-animated dialogue portrait concept
Concept Animation

Concept animation by me with assistance from Miguel Montanez

Final art assets by me and animation by Ashli Hudson

Clock HUD
Displays date, time, weather, tide level, and active quest
Reveal Trailer
Direction by me, Transition graphics by Amanda Zimmer
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