Tennis Academy UI
An action fantasy RPG that takes place in a magical tennis school. Save tennis, pass your classes, and most importantly, date your classmates to find your doubles partner!
The UI is designed to be sleek and animated with an over-the-top tennis theme.
Rawb is solo-developing this game in Godot 4.
Tennis Action Dating RPG

Alpha Screenshot: Score Update UI

Match Update Text
(Early Screenshots - Art not final)
I coded match updates to appear after every point is earned. They are responsive to what type of point was earned; Service Ace, Double Fault, Out, etc.

Pre-Alpha Screenshot: Double Fault

Pre-Alpha Screenshot: Ace

Early Concept Art

Dialogue UI
I used Yarnspinner to code dialogue, adding a tennis-themed dialogue box and custom portraits for each character complete with animations and VFX.

Concept Art: Dialogue Box

Concept Art: Dialogue Options

Concept Art: Shocked Expression

Concept Art: Doubles Partner Proposal UI

Initial Dialogue Concepts
More Currently in Development!
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