An epic fantasy story about Sky Whales and wars fought for their magical bloodstone. A fully-voiced Visual Novel that combines turn-based JRPG battles and strategic SRPG battles, plus the option to date anyone in your party.
Role: Art Director
Art Team: Alexis Washington (3D Art), Blake Dunback (3D Art), Brandon Jedlowski (3D VFX), Brian Wilson (Environment Art), Grace Merry (3D Art), Greg Mirles (3D Art), Hanimating (3D Art), Ian Kovich (3D Art & Animation), Amanda Zimmer (2D Animation), Atley Sakamoto (UI Art), Ashli Hudson (2D Animation), Giulia Biazus (2D Art), Grace Liu (2D Art), Miguel Montanez (2D Animation), Ryker (2D Art), Sherry Chu (2D Art)
Whitethorn Games
JRPG / SRPG / Visual Novel

PC, Consoles (Unreleased)

Steam Page
Art Direction
Key Art
Illustrated by me
200+ Characters
Designed and Illustrated
More characters here: [Characters]
30+ Environments
Designed and directed
More environments here: [Environments]
Battle Intro & Flag UI
Storyboard and Illustration by me. 2D Animation by Ashli Hudson.
More UI here: [Whalefall UI]
Dynamic Pause Menu
Storyboard and Illustration by me, Animation by Ashli Hudson.
30+ Painted Scenes
Concepts and Art Direction by me. Painting by Grace Liu and Giulia Biazus.
Concepts and Art Direction by me.
Layout and Painting by Grace Liu.
2023 Story Trailer
Storyboard and Direction by me
Final Boss
Concept and Line Art done by me, Painting by Giulia Biazus
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